Payment & Shipping

Payment and Shipping

As a reputed player in the ecommerce industry, we enable our esteemed customers to pay only through the most genuine and legitimate payment modes as it allows us to be transparent in all the transactions we make with each one of our customers.  We currently receive payment from multiple channels including pay on delivery, PayPal, Online Banking, Credit cards and Debit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, etc. 

To keep your transaction ID and other bank details confidential and safe from the prying eyes lurking in the dark corners of the World Wide Web, we do not proceed with any payments without verifying the customer’s validation. You can choose to use any payment application on your mobile phone to proceed with payments. 

As far as the security and confidentiality of your transaction details are concerned, let us assure you that all your bank details, purchase history and transaction modes are safe with us. We use the best available technologies to keep you safe from unauthorized access. Any attempt to infiltrate your personal account will end up in complete failure because our database security system is protected with a firewall and it’s like a fortress that is impossible to breach. 

We not only provide you safe routes to make payment for your purchases but also our turnaround time is fast when it comes to delivering your package at your doorstep. You can also choose to receive your order from one of our Customer Pick up Center.       

Placing an Orders

The moment you place an order with us, we will send you a confirmation message on your registered email ID. This notification is to ensure that you have successfully placed and paid for your order. You will also be notified about the arrival of your shipment. 

Shipping time

We thrive to deliver your order within the expected timeline from the day you placed the order. The cost and delivery time of your order is estimated online at the checkout. We have a well-organized warehouse that is large enough to accommodate everything we sell to you. We offer different shipping modes for the convenience of customers and the shipping time will depend on the type of mode you choose at the time of order placement. We provide free shipping services, depending on the type of order you have placed. However, in some cases, shipping charges are applicable. We ship your orders all across the planet and the shipping time will depend on the size and weight of the product as well as the destination of the shipment. We calculate the time, distance and modes of transportation to speculate the right day and time on which we deliver your order at your doorstep.  

Shipping range

We deliver orders anywhere in the entire world within 230 different countries. 

Shipping and custom 

Loading your cargo and traveling through the vast ocean isn’t time-consuming, but the local custom processing is quite annoying. It might take a few more days for your order to hit the road. That’s why the local custom processing is not included in the shipping time. Custom fees and related charges vary from different countries. Under these circumstances, it becomes the customer’s duty to find out about the local custom fee, and if the product is lawfully imported to the destination. 

Canceling order

Every customer has a right to cancel the order. However, he or she must provide a written statement about the change of mind by sending us an email within 14 days from the day you received your order. You can unpack the sealed product but make sure not to use it if you have a mind to return it. Keep it in your mind that no refund, cancellation or return is possible under the Consumer Protection Law after you use the product unless the product is defected or do not live up to the promises. The paid amount will be returned in your bank account within a month of receiving your written notification about your wish to return the product.